IP Address Assignment/Justification Policy

Glisten World IP Allocation Policy

Glisten World is provided with IP addresses from ARIN who allocates blocks
of IP addresses to Internet and Hosting Service Providers (ISPs and
HSPs) for the purpose of reassigning that space to their customers.
ARIN takes guidance from allocation policies and procedures set
forth in RFC 2050 and Glisten World is therefore bound by those regulations.
Because Glisten World views our relationship to the broader Internet
as critical to achieving our customers' needs, we seek to assist
the global Internet community in achieving the following IP address

1) Conservation: Fair distribution of globally unique Internet
address space according to the operational needs of the end-users
and Internet Service Providers operating networks using this address
space. Prevention of stockpiling/hoarding in order to maximize the
lifetime of the Internet address space.

2) Routability: Distribution of globally unique Internet addresses
in a hierarchical manner, permitting the routing scalability of the
addresses. This scalability is necessary to ensure proper operation
of Internet routing, although it must be stressed that routability
is in no way guaranteed with the allocation or assignment of
IPv4 addresses.

3) Registration: Provision of a public registry documenting address
space allocation and assignment.  This is necessary to ensure uniqueness
and to provide information for Internet trouble shooting at all levels.

To assist in reaching these goals, Glisten World follows these guidelines:

1) For all servers requesting more than 1 IP address, Glisten World requires
customers to provide technical justification for their IP address usage.
(See Application Form Below)
2) Glisten World may deny an IP network of any size if the customer cannot
demonstrate 25% immediate usage.
3) Glisten World may recover an IP network allocation of any size if the customer
cannot show 40% usage after 3 to 6 months.

4) For networks with a CIDR prefix equal to or shorter than /24
(i.e. greater than or equal to 256 IP addresses or 'Class C'),
Glisten World may demand a network engineering diagram from the customer.
The diagram will be a textual description of the use of sub-netting
within the /24 or shorter-prefixed network.

Technical Justification:
Client ID:  ____________________________
E-Mail Address: _john@doe.com___________
First Name: ____John____________________
Last Name: _____Doe_____________________
Company Name: __Joe's Dough_____________
Address: _______123 Sesame ST___________
Address: _______APT 456_________________
City: __________Brooklyn________________
State: _________NY______________________
ZIP/Postal Code: _11201_________________
Phone: _________________________________

In the following table please provide the IP Address, domain name,
and/or service that will be running on that IP Address.
If Glisten World has not given you a range of new IP network addresses, you may
use existing IP address space to justify usage or use sequential addresses
in the range - to

If you are running more than one domain per IP, please indicate
NAME BASED in the Service field.

If you do not have a domain or service planned for the particular
IP address at this time, please indicate your estimated date of
usage for the IP address in question in the Service field.

Please complete multiple pages as required by the size of your IP request.

#    IP ADDRESS              DOMAIN NAME             SERVICE
1)  _192.168.0.1        ____superdomain.net___    ___VPS________
2)  _192.168.0.2        ____dns.cars4u.com___    ___DNS________
3)  _192.168.0.3    ____windowsbox.org___    ___development
4)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
5)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
6)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
7)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
8)  ____________    _____________________    ______________

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++OR Email Addresses++++++++++++++++

#    IP ADDRESS              DOMAIN NAME             SERVICE
1)  _192.168.0.1        ___user@domain.com___    ___VPS________
2)  _192.168.0.2        __person@coldmail.net    ___DNS________
3)  _192.168.0.3    ___ceo.busyness.org__    ___development
4)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
5)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
6)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
7)  ____________    _____________________    ______________
8)  ____________    _____________________    ______________

'''''Add as many entries as required'''''
(add more lines as required)

/32 = 1 IP
/30 = 2 IPs
/29 = 6 IPs
/28 = 14 IPs
/27 = 30 IPs
/26 = 64 IPs
/25 = 128 IPs
/24 = 256 IPs

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